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    All of our kayaking tours in the northern hemisphere take place on the stunning West Coast of British Columbia, Canada. We also run tours in Chilean Patagonia in January / February and in the Bahamas in March. Each tour has something different to offer in terms of length, scenery, wildlife viewing possibilities, campsites, and campsites features, and tour logistics. We will do our best to explain some of the differences below, but please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any additional questions or would like to discuss which tour may be the best fit for you.


    Which tour offers the best chances to view orcas (killer whales) and humpback whales?

    If you are hoping to see whales, we recommend one of our tours in the Johnstone Strait / Blackfish Sound area between mid-July and the end of September.

    Tours that take place in the Johnstone Strait / Blackfish Sound region include: Whales & Wilderness Glamping (WWG), 4-day Johnstone Strait Expedition (JSE), Johnstone Strait Ultimate (JSU), Ultimate Family Adventure (FAM), and Whales & Wilderness Expedition (WWE).

    We consider ourselves very fortunate that our camps and areas we paddle are situated in some of the best areas for viewing whales on the coast. Water taxi transfers which are a part of some tours also allow us to explore areas further away, increasing our chances of seeing diverse wildlife.

    The Best Times To See Wildlife

    When is the best time to see wildlife? I really would like to see Humpbacks! To learn answers to these questions including when and where you are most likely to see BC’s incredible diversity of wildlife check out the handy table below which provides an overview of historical wildlife sightings and our tour schedule.

    The darker the bar the higher the possibility of sightings:

    TOUR sTYLE & Length comparison

    Basecamp, Expedition, or Mothership – which is right for you?


    On basecamp tours, we make day-trips in our kayaks and return to the same established camp each evening. Our basecamp tours offer very comfortable camping and amenities including ocean-view tents, wood-fired hot tubs, hot water showers, covered dining and lounge areas, and incredible views. ⁠These are great tours for first-time kayakers but also a relaxing adventure for experienced paddlers and wilderness campers.

    4 days / 3 nights:

    5 days / 4 nights:

    JSU tentJohnstone Strait Ultimate

    Whales & Wilderness Glamping


    On expedition-style tours, we visit different campsites each night of the trip. This self-supported, camp-to-camp mode of travel allows us to explore new territory every day. All of our campsites are in wilderness settings with beautiful surroundings.⁠ These tours allow for exploring a larger area. They are a little more physically demanding than our basecamp-style tours, but we design them to still appeal to both new and experienced kayakers alike.

    4 days / 3 nights:

    5 days / 4 nights:

    6 days / 5 nights:

    8 days / 7 nights:


    On mothership tours, we stay on a warm, dry, and comfortable boat that helps us get to the best areas for exploring and kayaking. Our mothership tours are truly remote and very unique adventures in Chilean Patagonia. Small group size with a maximum of 8 guests.

    12 days / 11 nights or 19 days / 18 nights:

    Our mothership the ‘Noctiluca’

    The very comfortable interior.

    Level of Adventure

    Relaxed – all basecamp tours

    Johnstone Strait Ultimate, Whales & Wilderness Glamping,  Ultimate Family Adventure

    These tours are the most flexible and relaxed tours we offer.

    Chose the pace and distance that works for you. Base camping allows for flexibility to divide the group (safety ratios permitting) to help meet the needs of all paddlers and continue paddling at a pace everyone enjoys. There is always the option to stay at camp and read a book or soak in the hot tub rather than paddle too!

    We paddle an average of between 4 – 6 nautical miles a day on these tours.


    4-day Johnstone Strait Expedition, Desolation Sound Expedition

    These tours are very approachable and our most relaxed expeditions.

    Distances are manageable while still allowing for ample opportunities for exploring. On the Johnstone Strait Expedition, we spend the majority of our time in the more open waters of Johnstone Strait. Desolation Sound offers calm and sheltered paddling conditions with the exception of small crossings between islands.

    We paddle an average of 6-8 nautical miles a day.


    Whales & Wilderness Expedition, Nuchatlitz Expedition, Bahamas Exuma Cays Expedition

    These tours have a moderate adventure level, with a mix of protected and open water paddling. These tours are well suited to paddlers with some experience or new paddlers with a sense of adventure. Less experienced paddlers can definitely enjoy as well as long as you are comfortable in the outdoors and around water and you are up for an adventure!

    We paddle an average of 6 – 10 nautical miles a day.


    Great Bear Rainforest Expedition

    This tour is our most remote and adventurous, with more open water paddling and longer days on the water.

    The tour offers the opportunity to experience ocean swell, surf beaches, and open coast paddling. The Great Bear Rainforest Expedition is suitable for folks with previous kayaking and camping experience only.

    Average of 8 – 12 nautical miles a day.

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