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    Trip Preparation

    Helpful information to get ready for your trip after you have booked with us.

    Booking your trip is only the beginning! On this page we provide links to your tour's Guest Handbook for you to review before joining us on an adventure.

    There are a range of options for how to get to your adventure, including by air, road or ferry. Which means of travel you choose depends on the time you have and what you plan on doing before and after your trip with us. We provide detailed directions from several different major centres.

    Find a comfortable place to stay before and after your kayak tour with our accommodation suggestions, and be inspired to extend your vacation with our bucket list activities and sights on Vancouver Island.

    All good stuff to learn and know about the BC coast before you get here! There's a vast range of books about our paddling regions, meet the local orcas from home already by watching the live camp in Johnstone Strait and Blackfish Sound, and more!

    Travelling sustainably is more than just "take only pictures, leave only footprints". Discover some practical tips and tricks on how to reduce your impact at home, while en route and in the places you visit along the way.