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Watch whales and enjoy a paddler’s paradise, all from the comfort of your computer.

Impressions from the Realm of the Whales

We've produced a series of fantastic kayaking videos about us and our trips, showcasing who we are and what we do here around Vancouver Island. We hope you enjoy them and they help you get excited about doing a trip with us.

An inspiring Look at our 8-day Great Bear Rainforest tour

8 days in THE remote Great Bear Rainforest

5 days of exploring in DEsolation Sound

4-day orca basecamp tour in johnstone strait

6-day expedition | kayaking in whale territory

Orca Lite

Bahamas Southern Exuma Cays


kayaking Videos taken by some of our guests

guest-video-Johnstone Strait Orca Watching

guest-video-Group of orca in front of the kayak in Johnstone Strait

guest-video-Orcas Passing Robson Bight Ecological Reserve

guest-video-Dolphins Playing with Orcas Johnstone Straight BC

guest-video-White sided Dolphins - British Columbia

guest-video-Spirit Of The West Orcas