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    Watch whales and enjoy a paddler’s paradise, all from the comfort of your home.

    Impressions of kayaking BC's coast

    We've produced a series of fantastic kayaking and wildlife videos about us and our trips, showcasing who we are and what we do here around Vancouver Island. We hope you enjoy them and they help you get excited about doing a trip with us.

    Kayak the bc coast with us!

    Make Memories that last a lifetime

    Our tours

    5 dayS on Swanson island

    4 dayS AT our JOHNSTONE STRAIT basecamp

    4 days in the johnstone strait

    Coming soon!

    6 dayS in the broughton archipelago

    Coming soon!

    8 days in the great bear rainforest

    5 days in desolation sound

    6 DAYS IN THE BahamaIAN Exuma Cays

    INCREDIBLE Videos made by our guests

    For Mum by mickey fitz

    bc wildlife by Sebastian Weiss

    Whales and WIlderness by Cam Sadler

    Anniversary triP by meredith hill

    Expedition kayaking BY Matt hoffman

    Wild ISLAND CAMPING by Dana Morris