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    Carpool Options


    Looking to share a ride with other guests on your tour? We’ve set up a Group Carpool page that can be used to coordinate ridesharing with other guests on your tour. 

    *Please note: Carpool availability depends on other guests signing up to be drivers. Therefore, carpool options may not be available for your tour dates. Please keep this in mind when making travel plans.


    Select your tour from the list below and follow the link to the Group Carpool page.

    After clicking your link, you can choose to Join (passengers) or Add (drivers) a carpool. You cannot join a carpool unless a driver has already added one. If there are no carpools already set up, you can join the Waitlist and be notified if someone does add a ride at a later date. 


    Once you click “Add”, you will be asked to input your name, email, number of seats in your car, and city where your trip will start. Further details like phone number, address, departing time, return time, and notes will also be requested however these are not required. Passengers will then be able to sign up for your carpool and you will be notified by email when they do.


    To join a carpool, click on one of the “people icons” in the row of the carpool you would like to join. You will be prompted to put in your name, email, and what kind of trip you need (departing, returning, or round-trip). You have the option of including your phone number, city, address, and any additional notes. Once you submit your details, your driver will be notified.