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November 18th, 2011

Please help us protect the

Johnstone Strait Ultimate Base Camp

from logging

Dear valued guests,

The Spirit of the West owners and staff are currently in discussions with the British Columbia government to stop the proposed logging by Timberwest behind and adjacent to the Johnstone Strait Ultimate Base Camp.

We feel that the negative visual effects of a clear-cut surrounding our camp would compromise the wilderness experience enjoyed by our guests.

You are our most valuable resource in convincing the government officials that protecting the forest behind and adjacent to the Spirit of the West base camp is crucial to the experience of the tour.

Below you will find some information regarding this issue including a map of where the logging will occur as well as some images showing what the logging may look like.

Following this information we have three ways you can help.

We will be forever grateful if you can help us!!

From all of us at
Spirit of the West Adventures

This is a map showing the proposed logging clear cut surrounding our Spirit of the West Base Camp.

The image below taken on October 25th, 2011 shows what the base camp currently looks like from the water.

(This is the view many of you have seen when returning to camp after your day of paddling.)


This image is a mock-up of approximately what our camp will look like after the proposed clear cut.

At this time Timberwest plans to build a road into this area as early as next spring with the logging planned for 2013.

We hope to come to an agreement with the provincial government to stop the logging prior to next spring but it will take a great amount of effort and support. Time is of the essence!

We would be forever grateful if you could do any or all of the below actions.....

Sign our online petition, and include a short comment if you wish.

Fill out this short 12 question survey to help us gather information on how our past guests feel the logging will affect the experience of the tour.

Writing a letter to our government officials showing your support will be our most valuable tool. A few paragraphs describing your experience with us and how you believe the logging would affect that experience would be very helpful.

For tips on writing a letter, sample letters and who to address it to click here.


Spirit of the West Adventures

Box 569 Heriot Bay B.C.
Toll Free 1 800 307 3982
Local Call 250 285 2121

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