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Desolation Sound - 5 Day Expedition
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2016 dates
2017 dates

The level of knowledge and teaching ability of the guides for both nature and kayaking was astounding. Earl Morris, Coquitlam, BC Canada

"Unbelievable how much time I spent smiling on this trip. I found myself smiling one time, even when I was having a very serious conversation with a fellow kayaker - I just couldn't help it, I was in such a beautiful place."

Bob Gornet

"I was convinced to go on this trip by my children. After going on this tour I feel like I'm 10 years younger: I'm reenergized after what feels like a long hibernation. Thank you."

Carol Goer

"It was great! Wonderful time with my son."

Kathryn Landry

Phenomenal area to kayak. The guides were knowledgeable and friendly. The food was way beyond expectations. Dick and Kathy Stone September 9 - 13 Desolation Sound

"I'm an English teacher and for the first time in a very long time I couldn't think of any words to describe what I was seeing. It was that spectacular. Thank you for putting together such an excellent team. I had an extraordinary experience."

Morna Brown

"Superb, and always surprising. We'd heard about the food, but it was even better than we expected."

Alex Layard, Seb Powers

"I ate far better on this trip than I do at home!"

Janet Martin

As usual, outstanding. This is the best vacation we have been on.Sandy and Per Johnson, Desolation Sound

"I ate good wholesome food and always felt healthy which was what I needed after being so rushed in Toronto and always eating fast food on the go. Thank you for taking such good care of me. I have been rejuvenated."

Breanne Boyos

"I came with my teenage son. This was some much needed bonding time. I had never thought of whether he would eat the food, and when I saw the guides preparing the food I thought, oh no, what if he doesn't like it? He ate like it was Christmas dinner and he was happy. I felt instantly like I was having the best holiday. The energy that you put into the food was very much appreciated."

Lynda Kirk

"I felt like I was doing something that I'd wanted to do for years but didn't know how to go about doing. With the Spirit of the West guides, Rick and Amy made me feel like these were the people I'd been waiting to get me out kayaking. They were exceptional."

Lisa Dartmos

It is obvious that every one at Spirit of the West works hard to provide clients with an outstanding experience. Carol Heinricy, June 18-22 Desolation Sound tour

"Your guides are a wealth of knowledge. Not only knowledgeable about the area or the flora and fauna, but about the needs of the group, namely having fun. Sometimes I would scan the whole group and realize everyone was having a good time. That is a compliment to your team."

Bill and Helen Robertson

"I felt safe and happy. The guides were like the people I asked to go to parties when I'm too shy to go by myself. They came in and just took total care that I was enjoying myself and feeling comfortable. They were very generous with their energy."

Maeve Taylor

"I think I might start a guide fund for all of my grandchildren. I want them to learn to do the kind of job that your guides did. Breanne and Luke were exceptionally skilled and I am considering living vicariously through them. Their enjoyment of their job was contagious and it energized the whole group. Congratulations on finding such great leaders."

Eleanor Bryant

Desolation Sound Expedition
2016 Dates
2017 Dates $1025$665$510$740 Exchange rates will be calculated at time of booking based on current rates of exchange.
Type: 5 day Sea Kayaking & Camping Adventure

Start: Quadra Island or Cortes Island

Skill level: Easy
  • Stunning mountain scenery
  • Wildlife
  • Great food
  • Island culture
  • Warm swimming in lakes and ocean
  • Protected paddling
  • Fantastic intertidal life
Wildlife: Seals, sea lions, river otters, eagles, deer, chance orca sightings, fantastic intertidal life.
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