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    Welcomed on day one by orcas & humpbacks…

    Top trip highlights from our guests in the epic summer 2020

    October 9th, 2020

    Don’t just take our word for it,
    this is what our guests from 2020 have to say.

    Jane, Caroline, and Chris are just a few of our guests who took the chance and booked a private bubble tour to come paddling with us during the time of COVID-19. Most of them visited our camp in Blackfish Sound but we also ran a few customized expeditions in Johnstone Strait and through the Discovery Islands just off Quadra Island.

    We sent out a few questions to hear how our paddlers experienced this special season. We are touched by the testimonials and feedback we have received and wanted to share a few with you.

    Photos: The photos shown below were taken by our guide and photographer Brendan Kowtecky in the summer of 2020. 

    What did this trip mean to you, especially in the time of COVID and lockdowns? 

    Jane Pegg:

    “Truly such a wonderful break. Off my phone, on the water, sleeping so soundly. Really just what I needed. Our guides were just so fantastic. Interesting, genuine, kind, accommodating, and enthusiastic. We loved having a private tour so we could explore longer routes. We also felt very very safe.

    We already want to book again in 2 years.”

    Caroline Helbig:

    “I think I really needed to have something to look forward to, so I feel incredibly fortunate that this trip went ahead and that I was able to participate during this stressful and uncertain time. During our five days on the water and immersed in nature, I felt calm and happy…a million miles away from day-to-day and future worries and obligations. It also gave me a renewed sense of the spectacular beauty of my home province.”

    Photo of Caroline’s bubble group. It was taken by Caroline herself. 

    Can you share your top trip highlights? 

    Chris Bulowski:

    “Highlights is hard with so much to choose from. Amazing food at camp, wildlife of all sorts, from bears and deer on the beach and all the amazing sea life. Entertaining guides who were happy to share their knowledge. The equipment provided was comfortable and in great shape, from boats, to tents, to sleeping bags.”

    Jane Pegg:

    “The pod of dolphins in the early morning paddle. Of course the orcas and the close encounter with the humpback. But really I just loved being in nature, with wonderful friends, with wonderful guides and amazing food. I felt extremely pampered.”

    An orca (killer whale) passing by right at our camp. 


    What was your favourite whale viewing and/or kayaking experience?

    Erica Priatel:

    “Too many to specify one, but both watching and experiencing humpbacks and orcas from shore and while in the kayaks was beyond any expectations we had.”


    Christine Moffat:

    “All of them!  Surprised at how many whales there were. Especially  the welcoming whale that was right off the dining area when we arrived.  Awesome!”

    Chris Bulowski:

    “Talking with my daughter as we paddled across Johnstone Strait and her telling me how she feels so relaxed and stress free and peaceful as we cruise along. It was an opportunity for our family to connect while we connected with nature.”

    Were you satisfied and comfortable with our COVID precautions & adaptations?

    Michael Sharp:

    “Very satisfied.”


    Jane Pegg:

    “I felt very very safe. It was nice not to worry about COVID for a few days. Staff were so careful and also so appreciative when we remembered our buffs if we got a bit close. I was so so impressed.”

    Ted & Anita Winkle:

    “Covid precautions are great and consistently executed. As a retired pharmacist, I recognize and appreciate them!!”

    “I love the private bathrooms-so nice in the middle of the night! Making our own beds was no biggy!”

    4) Anything in particular you would tell our future travelers/ your friends?

    Jane Pegg:

    I have recommended to all my friends. You have a very special place and experience there. The beds are fantastic!!! What a wonderful place to sleep.

    Chocolate lava cakes and ensuite bathrooms… can’t ask for more! Your staff is exceptional. 

    Erica Priatel:

    Very well situated and laid out site especially the dining area, lounge and hot tub place you as close as possible to take in the surrounding vistas!


    Caroline Helbig:

    I’ve now done three trips with you guys, and I’m ready to sign up for a fourth. I rarely repeat trips/experiences, so this is saying a lot. Spirit of the West is a class act. Your exceptional service, outstanding guides, spectacular destinations and delicious food are top notch.

    Flower Island in the heart of  Blackfish Sound. You can see the tip of our camp on Swanson Island right across the narrow channel below. We often can witness whales passing through with the current. 


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