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Yoga and Kayaking in the Nuchatlitz
With Josephine

$1295 Canadian

August 7-12


Yoga Kayaking tour


This tour combines kayaking with daily yoga practice in the beautiful Nuchatlitz marine park. The stunning sea scape of the Nuchatlitz with its sandy beaches, old growth forests and tranquil west coast location makes this an ideal place to practice Yoga.

Each day our experienced yoga instructor Josephine Anderson will help us to incorporate yoga, stretching and mindfulness into our day, complementing our kayaking. There will be no set session times or durations but will rather be designed based on the needs, desires and abilities of the group as well as weather conditions and paddling opportunities to ensure the right mix for everyone.

No kayaking or yoga experience is necessary. This trip is open to people of all experience levels and abilities. The idea is to blend excellent kayaking with the many benefits of yoga including physical fitness but also general well-being and relaxation. Pair this with the expert knowledge and skill of our kayaking guides, incredible food, great new friends all in a stunning area on the west coast of Vancouver Island and nirvana& is not far away.

About the Nuchatlitz

kayaking yogaExperience a true wilderness sea kayaking expedition on British Columbia's rugged and beautiful Pacific Coast. We access the majestic reaches of the remote Nuchatlitz Marine Park by water taxi from the remote west coast town of Gold River. Once we've made it through the open sea to the confines of the Nuchatlitz park, we're ready for a voyage of discovery along remote beaches and coves, beside towering rock formations and sea caves, and sea kayaking through waters inhabited by a variety of sea creatures, from whales to sea otters, and everything in between. An additional highlight of these west coast tours are the magnificent sunsets.

What we might see while kayaking

Whales, sea birds, sea lions, seals and sea otters can be seen at sea, while black bears, eagles, deer, and the occasional wolf or cougar can be observed on the shore.

This area is as remote and wild as it gets on Vancouver Island. While sea kayaking we also visit ancient First Nations villages of British Columbia that are slowly being absorbed by the even older forests that cover the coastline and islands that dot the region.

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About Josephine

Josephine has spent most of her life living and playing in beautiful coastal communities around the world: Vancouver BC, southern France, northern Scotland and now Quadra Island. For the past 14 years she has been sharing the teachings of yoga with hundreds of people with diverse backgrounds and abilities. She has a deep appreciation of natural beauty and human potential and believes kayaking and yoga to be the perfect combination to explore both.

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