Orca lite - 4 day kayak tour
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£ 499*
2016 & 2017 dates

What is an "Orca Lite" Kayaking Tour?

kayaker watching killer whales

Orca Lite is simply about giving you the orca kayaking experience at price that is easy on the pocketbook while maintaining the high standards you expect from a Spirit of the West kayak tour. This will mean a few less frills than our Johnstone Strait Ultimate tour, and a shorter length than our Johnstone Strait Expedition. You will still have the best trained guides on the coast, top-of-the-line gear, industry leading pre and post trip service and most importantly, plenty of fun and adventure!

Orca Lite is simply about giving you the orca kayaking experience at price that is easy on the pocketbook.

Quick Facts

  • Fits individual, family, and student budgets
  • Higher level of participation is encouraged
  • Expedition kayak adventure accessible to all skill levels
  • The primary role of the guide is to provide leadership, local knowledge, wilderness interpretation, and safety
  • Guests are encouraged to participate in all aspects of the trip
  • Excellent orca viewing possibilities
  • Four day expedition style trip

kayaking in Johnstone Strait

Is this Trip for You?

kayakerYou have been searching for a kayaking trip to see the killer whales and can not seem to find one that suits your adventurous spirit and price range. You are finding trips that are highly catered and therefore priced beyond what you can afford, or what you and your family can afford. So if you don't mind a bit more active participation and a few less frills then this might be the perfect kayaking vacation for you.

About the Paddling Route

map of Johnstone StraitThis trip begins from the Spirit of the West base on Quadra Island. We will then transport you up the scenic inland highway to historic Telegraph Cove where we will begin our kayaking adventure. The trip route is focussed in the Johnstone Strait area and finding opportunities to view wildlife and our majestic coastal waters.

After some kayaking skills instruction and packing our kayaks, we will begin our journey into the killer whale waters of Johnstone Strait. Prior to departure, the group will take part in a route planning session with the guides. Our route will be dictated by wildlife viewing opportunities, tidal, wind, and wave conditions so we stay flexible in our itinerary. Basing our campsite choices on scenic qualities, availability, and group preferences, will allow us to tailor your holiday.

The Orca Lite has been insprired by the way we would run a personal trip with our friends.

Wildlife in Johnstone Strait

humpback whale in Johnstone Strait

Johnstone Strait is incredibly rich in wildlife. Although the main focus of this tour is to view killer whales in their natural habitat, we often see pacific white-sided dolphins, dalls porpoises, humpback whales, sea lions, and bald eagles. We also have a high chance of seeing black bears and deer foraging on the beach.

The Orca Lite Menu

dining in Johnstone Strait

There's nothing "lite" about the Orca Lite Menu. It is hearty, healthy, and abundant. In the spirit of the Orca Lite trip, we encourage our guests to take part in all aspects of the trip including the creation of each meal and clean up. Our menu is designed with simplicity in mind to enable us to spend more time on other activities such as wildlife viewing, paddling, and relaxing, and less time on preparation.

What is included

  • Pre trip meeting on the night prior to departure
  • Pick up at accommodation on the morning of tour
  • Transport to and from Quadra Island and Campbell River
  • Launching fees at Telegraph Cove
  • All kayaking related equipment
  • Tent and sleeping mat (sleeping bag rental is optional at $25 per trip)
  • All food from lunch on day one to lunch on day 4
  • Certified guides


Orca Lite
2016 & 2017 Dates

$995$725$499$655 Exchange rates will be calculated at time of booking based on current rates of exchange.
Type: 4 day budget orca kayak tour

Start: Quadra Island or Campbell River or Telegraph Cove

Skill level: Suitable for all skill levels
  • Kayak in the realm of the Killer Whales
  • Most affordable tour offered
  • Spirit of the West quality
  • Experienced guides
  • A great wildlife kayaking adventure
Wildlife: Largest population of Killer Whales in North America, Dolphins, Porpoises, Black Bears, Eagles, Minke and Humpback whales.
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