kayaking with killer whales

Johnstone Strait Expedition - 6 day Expedition
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2016 & 2017 dates

Johnstone Strait Expedition - Overview

kayaking with humpba whale

Our 6-day Johnstone Strait Kayaking Expedition offers you a chance to paddle one of the most amazing kayak routes in North America. We begin this tour from the Broughton Archipelago Paddlers’ Inn set in the Broughton Archipelago where we will spend our first night prior to starting our kayak tour. We will then traverse the entire Broughton Archipelago, one of the most stunning seascapes on earth, before entering Johnstone Strait and the realm of the killer whales.

What makes this trip different from the rest?

  • The only one-way kayaking tour where every day we explore new territory.
  • Experience the popular Johnstone Strait area as well as the spectacular Broughton Archipelago away from other paddling groups.
  • One night stay in a remote floating lodge.
  • Water taxi transport to guarantee departure in case of foul weather.
  • Option of both double and single kayaks.
  • Your opportunity to experience one of the most diverse wildlife and kayaking environments in British Columbia.

Our knowledge is what counts

After years of exploring the Broughton Archipelago and Johnstone Strait from our mothership, the Columbia lll, we have been able to seek out the best kayaking opportunities that exist well beyond the reach of the typical sea kayaking circuit.

With this knowledge we have designed a very special kayak tour. Starting our paddle from the remote Paddler's Inn deep within the Broughton Archipelago, we begin a one-way journey through the uncrowded northern Broughton Archipelago, through secret paddling spots few have ever been.

After three days of paddling we start to see other kayaking groups as we enter the areas where most shore-based companies depart from. The remainder of the tour will be spent in Johnstone Strait and the realm of the killer whale.

kayaking in the Broughton Archipelago

It was a wonderful experience. The guides were exceptional. They were always willing to share their knowledge and had lots of it to share. Dave, Ann and Boys

Wlidlife we may see while kayaking

  • Killer Whales
  • Humpback Whales
  • Minke Whales
  • Dalls and Harbour Porpoises
  • White Sided Dolphins
  • Sea Lions
  • Eagles
  • River Otters
  • Black Bears
  • Rich Intertidal Life

Getting Started

We will begin our journey from Northern Vancouver Island where you will meet the guides, our water taxi, and and Bruce McMorran, who is the owner/operator of Paddlers’ Inn,  will be transporting our group deep into the Broughtons. We will then water taxi two hours to our remote lodge where a home-cooked meal and an evening to discuss and prepare for our upcoming adventure await.

The next morning, after a cozy night's sleep and getting to know each other a little better, we are ready to set off on our adventure fueled by a hearty breakfast and the excitement of the days to come.

The Route

kayaking the Broughton Islands

Paddle through the Broughton Archipelago...

"What makes the perfect kayaking destination?"

we say.......

"Lots of small islands, passageways, protected water, wildlife, and a sense of remoteness."

The Broughton Archipelago have all this and more. There is no question that this is one of the world's top kayaking destinations.

...into Johnstone Strait and the "Realm of Killer Whales"

kayak with killer whales

One of the star attractions on this expedition is the Killer Whale. Getting a chance to paddle in their habitat is a thrill of a lifetime. Johnstone Strait is quite simply the best place on earth to kayak with the Killer Whales, also known as Orca, in the wild. Most of British Columbia's 300 Killer Whales return to these waters to feed, sleep, play, and rub their bodies on the pebble beaches of world-famous Robson Bight.

Listen to the Whales

Enter the acoustic world of the Orcas, as we travel with our underwater hydrophone. When we are in range of the Orcas, we will be able to listen to their eerily beautiful calls and echo locating clicks from a deck mounted speaker.

The Camping

kayak camping in Johnstone Strait

This is a true expedition style trip, which means we will move from camp to camp. If we find the perfect location we may choose to spend two nights camped at the same beautiful site, however most nights we will be at a new campsite.

This photo was taken from our camp in Johnstone Strait where whales can be seen from your doorstep.

kayak camping

Relaxing around a fire at night is a great way to finish a day of sea kayaking. This is where new friends are made and talk of the days adventure unfolds.

The Lodge

Paddlers Inn Broughton Archipelago

We will begin or end our Expedition at the Paddlers Inn, in one of the most remote corners on the British Columbia Coast. The warm hospitality of the McMorran family will ensure that our stay is both comfortable and relaxing. The perfect way to start or finish this wonderful journey. On-site massage, showers and trails are available at the Paddlers Inn.

Spirit of the West sets the bar when it comes to kayaking companies... Camille Jensen, Canada

Johnstone Strait Expedition
2016 & 2017 Dates

$1495$1045$734$1145 Exchange rates will be calculated at time of booking based on current rates of exchange.
Type: 6 day kayaking British Columbia adventure

Start: Quadra Island or Campbell River or Telegraph Cove

Skill level: Moderate
  • Kayak in the realm of the Killer Whales
  • Hundreds of small islands
  • Humpback whales
  • First Nations culture
  • Stunning camp sites
  • Lodge accommodations on first or last day
  • A great adventure
Wildlife: Largest population of Killer Whales in North America, Dolphins, Porpoises, Black Bears, Eagles, Minke and Humpback whales.
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