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Special Offers

Find out about occasional promotions and special deals on exceptional kayaking trips.

Special offers on kayaking trips in BC

From time to time we may offer special rates or promotions on select tours and dates. Check back regularly for updates to see if your favourite kayaking trip is on sale.

Welcome back - 10% off for you

Returning guest discount of 10%

We would be more than happy to have you on board again and send you on your next Spirit of the West adventure with a 10% returning guest discount. Our way of saying "thank you" for joining us again.

10% off for kids & youth

10% off for kids and youth 16 and under

For children and teens who want to experience the magic of the Pacific. Bring your kids and teenagers on an adventure they won't forget!

The beauty of solo travelling

For our solo travelling guests

No supplement fee, your own tent, and many more reason to join us!