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    Being A Responsible Traveller

    You’re off to a great start on your path to sustainable travel;

    A first big step is done – congrats!

    • You chose a low-impact type of vacation, small group, self-propelled and the list goes on!
    • You chose an environmentally conscious and responsible company – we promise to do our part, with environmental commitment being at the core of everything we do! 
    • You contributed to the Sustainability Fund ($20/person) which goes directly to local conservation and research organizations that work to protect the areas you will explore and fall in love with.

    Why stop there? Want to do more?

    Read on for more inspiration and learn how travel from start to finish can be done in a more sustainable manner. How to Minimize Your Travel Carbon Footprint?

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    From Home to Tent

     Inspiration, tips, and tricks to help you make sustainable choices when on the road. Before you leave home:

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    En route in British columbia

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    During your Stay on Quadra Island

    The Heriot Bay Marina

    Clean water all around

    Rainforest & trails

    The shoreline of Quadra

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    While on Tour WITH US

    Responsible viewing

    Camping - Great Bear RainforestLeave no trace

    Beautiful Beaches - Great Bear RainforestClean beaches for all

    Kayaking - Great Bear RainforestBiodegradable for the sea

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