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Quadra Island Travel Details

Quadra Island is home to a vibrant little community, full of artisans, stunning scenery and is a great location for all types of outdoor adventures including biking, hiking, walking, golfing and of course all kind of watersports. If your travel plans allow, we recommend that you come to Quadra Island as it’s a great relaxing way to get introduced to life on the coast. You can then also attend the pre-trip meeting for our BC tours and make sure you have everything you need for the trip and get all your questions answered. Parking is most secure for your vehicle and free of charge on Quadra Island.

For those arriving late and without time to relax or explore, spending the night in Campbell River may work best for you.

Campbell River Airporter (bus)

This bus meets all commercial flights and can take you to any location in Campbell River. Price starting at $20/person with discounts for two or more people. Reservations are not necessary. [email protected], Toll Free 1 855 787 8294, Overseas 1 250 914 1010 or 1011

Campbell River Taxi service

If you need to be transported while in Campbell River. For example, you may need a taxi from your hotel to the tour starting point on the morning of the tour. Campbell River Cabs: Local & Overseas 1 250 287 8294, Bee Line Taxi: Local & Overseas 1 250 287 8383

Ferries From Campbell River to Quadra Island

No reservations possible for this route runs almost hourly. Approx. $9.50 per person and $25 per vehicle. Sailing time approx. 10 mins.
Visit bcferries.com for current schedule information, Toll-free 1 888 223 3779, Overseas 1 250 386 3431, [email protected]

Quadra Island Taxi

The taxi meets every ferry, but if you miss it you can call them. If there’s no answer be sure to leave a message since reception isn’t guaranteed everywhere on the island. A phone booth is located just off the ferry ramp and takes 50 cents to place a call. Local & Overseas 1 250 205 0505