Johnstone Strait Ultimate - 4 day base camp
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2016 & 2017 dates

Johnstone Strait Ultimate Reviews

“Found the experience extraordinary. This is my second trip and I’m looking forward to my third!”

Fred, JSU August 13-16
Guides: Luke, Amy S and Gen P

"Beyond our expectations. This was our first family adventure vacation and it was great! We were fortunate to see lots of wildlife and each guide was very knowledgable. "

The Petrick Family
Johnstone Strait Ultimate, July 29-August 1

"Unforgettable! Great people, great location and amazing natural environment."

Andrea Hansen
Johnstone Strait Ultimate, July 26-July 29

"Everyone very helpful and patient. Food, kayaking, accommodations all great. People before trip on phone very helpful. A trip we will always remember. Thank you!"

Ruth Gilmour
Johnstone Strait Ultimate, July 17-July 20

"Change nothing, its perfect!"

Jean Luc Bohn
Johnstone Strait Ultimate, July 23-July 26

"Friendly guides, fun, great food, and group was super too! Hot tub and shower unreal! "

Johnstone Strait Ultimate, July 2-July 5

"We both really enjoyed the trip. The guides, area and wildlife were amazing. Great balance between organized time and "own time" Guides were very accommodating, relaxed, made all feel welcome!"

Heather and Mark Elliott
Johnstone Strait Ultimate, July 23-26

"We were pleased with attitude, knowledge and camaraderie. We have wanted to come on a tour for a long time and yours topped our research. "

Lois Dobson
Johnstone Strait Ultimate, July 23-26

"Really good people. Very well organized. Felt like guides really knew what they were doing. Good shower, good hot tub, good tents and shelter. "

Johnstone Strait Ultimate, July 17-20

"Great service, knowledgeable, friendly, competent staff, comfortable kayaks. Appreciated the environmental philosophy and practice. "

Sandra and Bernie March
Johnstone Strait Ultimate, July 11-14

"Wonderful! Guides were fabulous. "

Johnstone Strait Ultimate, July 17-20

"Great experience! 4 day trip was a perfect time for my 11 year old son and "

Patrick Hanlon
Johnstone Strait Ultimate, July 11-14

"With my dietary limitations, everyone at Spirit of the West went out of their way to make delicious food. I have never gotten service like that before. "

Carmen Petrick
Johnstone Strait Ultimate, July 29-August 1

"Unbelievable experience. From the camp setup to the guides, it was an amazing. Beautiful landscape, the staff was so great it made the lack of orcas ok."

Kathy Gilmour
Johnstone Strait Ultimate, July 17-July 20

"We had a great time and will be recommending it highly!"

Sean Fast
Johnstone Strait Ultimate, July 20-July 26

"It was great to see and learn about all of the marine life. Our guide ran after supper talks about what we had seen."

Johnstone Strait Ultimate, July 1-July 6

"Idyllic setting, great staff, great food, great wildlife sightings."

Martin and Bex
Johnstone Strait Ultimate, July 8-July 11

"We were looking for a special adventure and you exceeded our expectations. "

John and Shanni Ballani
Johnstone Strait Ultimate, July 8-July 11

"Beyond expectations - deluxe guiding, accommodations, food and hot tub! The kayaking was amazing."

Ben Smith
Johnstone Strait Ultimate, July 8-11

"Very friendly, very competent, very authentic. The birthday cake for the last dessert was truly very sweet. The perfect touch to give our group the perfect vacation."

Kim Feltham
Johnstone Strait Ultimate, July 2-July 5

"We had a fantastic trip and were very lucky to have 3 guides. Rick, thanks so much for all your knowledge."

Lisa Dyer

"Excellent! Great staff, good food, absolutely wonderful... Your concern for the environment is deeply felt and genuine. It definitely helped me choose your company over the others. "

Seema Gadarki, New Jersey, USA

"It was excellent! Fantastic scenery, delicious food, cool wildlife. "

Amanda Regan and Stephen Baily, Australia

"A very competent and safe trip led by great people. Unless you could control the can't get much better."

Jeff C. Pole, Chico, California, USA

"The level of knowledge and teaching ability of the guides for both nature and kayaking was astounding. "

Earl Morris, Coquitlam, BC, Canada

"Experience of a life time. I will be back with my family. Your dedication to your company "shined" through your staff."

Lynun Rtley
Johnstone Strait Ultimate, July 2-July 5

"It was all and more than we expected."

Fred and Kitty Van Zijl, Johnstone Strait Ultimate

"This trip was one of the best holidays I ever had. I am impressed with the professional yet warm manner of everyone at Spirit of the West, and the help that you provided prior to my arrival at Quadra Island. The food was plentiful and delicious. Thanks for accommodating my vegetarian diet. See you again for sure, I'll recommend this to all of my friends"

Adarsh Mehta, Johnstone Strait Ultimate

"It was a great adventure from the beginning to the end! Keep it this way."

Yvonne and Didi, Johnstone Strait Ultimate

"This was an absolutely wonderful trip. Excellent organization, knowledgeable friendly guides, spectacular scenery, and a huge number of killer whales that swam right past us over and over again. We even had an Orca swim right into the bay where our tents were. We were also fortunate to see Stellar sea lion, harbour seals, swooping bald eagles.

One of the best animal viewing was from our kayaks of a mother bear on a beach with two cubs. She would turn over rocks and the cubs would dive in and scoop up and food that was underneath. ........ The food was also magnificent.

On the first day we had wild caught sockeye salmon cooked three different styles. The tents and boats were first class with excellent safety equipment... "

Orlay Johnson, Washington

"Great service from start to finish. Very detail oriented (hydrophone, whale book library, etc.) I love the travel mug we got, a great souvenir! the guides always made us feel super comfortable, they were competent kayakers, knew a lot about the marine environment, ecosystems, going green... "

Martina and Patrick, Johnstone Strait Ultimate

"The food was outstanding. The guides were awesome and so much fun. The "Happy Hour" snacks were such a welcome treat! The information sent before hand of things we needed was perfect. The tents at base camp were great - including the mattresses, pillows and fresh pillow cases. The kitchen eating area was perfect including the tarp covering the area. Again the gourmet healthy meals were delicious! You all have a great thing going for you! "

Barb and Mike Schmidt, Johnstone Strait Ultimate

"Exceeded expectations, guides were 200%!! Great cooks!! All facilities were top notch and equipment too! Food and Dietary accommodation was superb. Our group had gluten, dairy and fruit allergies, all were well fed (an understatement)"

Lynun Rtley
Johnstone Strait Ultimate, July 2-July 5

"Exceeded expectations, guides were 200%!! Great cooks!! All facilities were top notch and equipment too! Food and Dietary accommodation was superb. Our group had gluten, dairy and fruit allergies, all were well fed (an understatement)"

Andrea Vinet and Rod Stiebel, Johnstone Strait Ultimate

"Very pleasant and memorable trip; location stunning, base camp wonderful - your guides were really excellent "

Sarah and Mansur Darlington, Johnstone Strait Ultimate

"We had a lovely time and the children found it enjoyable and educational. It really helped the the guides were used to dealing with children. The base camp was in a beautiful setting and the guides made it a lovely holiday."

The Womersleys, UK, Johnstone Strait Ultimate

"The group was excellent from the moment of pick up to the drop off. We have all got memories to last a lifetime. The camp area was spectacular. The hydrophone was brilliant, seeing and hearing Orcas was incredible. The guides knowledge was really broad, all of them were so enthusiastic and willing to share their knowledge."

Mike, Caroline and Family Watchorn, Johnstone Strait Ultimate

"It was great, the base camp has great views the crew is fantastic. You have to visit this camp!"

Doris Blieberger, Johnstone Strait Ultimate


Gretchen Stephens, Johnstone Strait Ultimate

"Nice people, Great base camp, very very good food. Excellent kitchen. Thanks Rachel, James and Genvieve."

Katrin Wachter, Johnstone Strait Ultimate


Angie Holland, Johnstone Strait Ultimate

"Wonderful trip, great guides, food, good knowledge of area. Spectacular..."

Kari Highes, Johnstone Strait Ultimate

"Awesome, such a great time."

Craig Black, Johnstone Strait Ultimate

"Beautiful Base Camp. Terrific food. Ailish's artistic food preparation was pretty upper class. I slept like a baby - the cushiest camping trip."

Carol Woolsey
Johnstone Strait Ultimate

"From beginning to end, exceeded all expectations. Offer a trip with extra days at base camp because that place rocks. Having a lot of restaurant experience and rafting guide experience I have to say Dave, Ailish and James were F$%@ing brilliant. Their attention to every detail was great."

Raymond Aylward, Johnstone Strait Ultimate

"I had an amazing experience meeting kayaking and meeting a fabulous group of characters. Excellent Guides!! Shower was the best."

Andrea Sorolan, Johnstone Strait Ultimate

"Great guides, great food, Awesome people. All in all a successful trip."

Janine and Matt, Johnstone Strait Ultimate

"Excellent instruction made the kayaking enjoyable and the commentary on Nature and wildlife was a great bonus. Guides were excellent. Never seen so much energy put into a job by our guides. Dave and James were the heart and soul of this wonderful experience."

Ian and Lorna Hill, Desolation Sound Expedition

"Well organized and competent guides who were always ready to help and tailor the trip to our interests. The weather was really crappy yet the trip was still tons of fun. Lots to do and see. We saw orcas but even if we did not the trip was still a blast. All the guides were tons of fun and had lots of facts and information about the area, sea and animals. The food was unbelievable."

Jill Weatherby and Brad Bouchard

“Found the experience extraordinary. This is my second trip and I’m looking forward to my third!”

Fred, JSU August 13-16
Guides: Luke, Amy S and Gen P

“Beautiful scenery, adventurous but relaxed. More luxurious than expected. Great trip. Would recommend it to anyone!”

Alex and Sandra K JSU July 17-20, 2010
Guides: Graham, Robyn and Amy

Dear Spirit of the West Folks,

"I feel compelled to write given our most recent kayaking experience. We toured Johnstone Strait with you two summers ago (our first time in kayaks), and we knew we wanted to kayak again this summer. We decided to try the other side of the Island and booked a trip with another company".

"Our tour to the Broken Group was also delightful, but honestly not as good of an experience we had with your company. At the end of the Johnstone Strait tour we had a great time.........even though the weather was less than desirable. However, it wasn't until we traveled with another company that we were able to truly appreciate the quality of your equipment, experience of your guides and the professionalism of your organization."

"Spirit of the West set the bar when it comes to kayaking companies in our minds......... "

Camille Jensen, Calgary AB

“Great trip! Met our expectations. Well-organized. Great dynamics with the group as well as guides.”

“Your low-impact philosophy and use of local and organic food [influenced our decision to join the tour].”

Mark D and Lynn N, JSU June 28-July 2, 2010
Guides: Breanne, Ally and Amy

“An excellent kayaking adventure with the perfect mix of activity and relaxation, breath taking views, luxurious camping, awesome photography opportunities with a variety of wildlife, great food and wonderful guides.”

“Truly an incredible experience. Graham and Jukka both did an excellent job and had a wealth of knowledge. We couldn’t have asked for better guides. This was our best vacation and we can’t wait to work with Spirit of the West again!”

Maggie and Monty M, JSU July 2010
Guides: Graham and Jukka

“My partner and I are now engaged and what a great place to propose!”
Matt O, JSU August 4-7, 2010
Guides: Graham, Gen P and Sam

“The fact that your company abides by whale watching guidelines is fantastic. Such sustainable policies contribute to ensuring your ‘product remains remote’”

“Everything was beyond our expectations! Graham, Gen and Sam were all awesome. Special mention to Graham - knowledgeable and just awesome. He made it even more fantastic. Thank you Graham - You rock!”

Jodie, F. JSU August 4-7, 2010
Guides: Graham, Gen P and Sam

“Great people (guides & guests), fabulous weather, good food, appropriate paddling for beginners especially. I have never left a “water experience” of 4 days so clean and well-fed! The shower and hot tub were quite unique. PS. Thanks so much for the recognition of Mike’s 67th birthday; your gift is a special treasure. It was great!”

Mary Ella, JSU August 13-16
Guides: Luke, Amy S and Gen P

“Everything was wonderful. Beautiful camp and trip. Don’t change a thing!!

Jill, JSU August 13-16
Guides: Luke, Amy S and Gen P

“Found the experience extraordinary. This is my second trip and I’m looking forward to my third!”

Fred, JSU August 13-16
Guides: Luke, Amy S and Gen P

“Most wonderful and exhilarating experience ever - simply magical! I would recommend to anyone with an interest in the natural environment and wildlife.”
Wendy, JSU August 16-19, 2010 Guides: Ali, Gen P

“Best trip ever.”

Austin, 12 years old, JSU August 13-16
Guides: Luke, Amy S and Gen P

“We had a perfect time and even perfect weather - good combo of active and down time. I loved the hot tub and shower. Just keep doing what you’re doing.”

JSU August 13-16
Guides: Luke, Amy S and Gen P

“Breath taking scenery, fantastic location, comfortable tents, superb guide and attention to food. Relaxing.”

Jay, JSU July 22-26, 2010
Guides: Luke, Ali and Robyn

“Awesome. We had high hopes and expectations and all were exceeded! It was a trip of a lifetime. The guides were excellent and we have had a truly remarkable experience. Would love to come again.”

Lorraine and Paul, JSU August 16-19, 2010
Guides: Steve, Ali, Gen P

“Absolutely brilliant on all accounts. I would highly recommend it. Guides were spot on - relaxed and enthusiastic!”
Lucy and Peter, JSU August 16-19, 2010
Steve, Ali, Gen P

“Most wonderful and exhilarating experience ever - simply magical! I would recommend to anyone with an interest in the natural environment and wildlife. A great lesson to the human race to learn to respect and cherish our planet.”

Wendy, JSU August 16-19, 2010
Guides: Steve, Ali, Gen P

“A busy, relaxed and fun experience. The staff was great to be with and we were extremely well taken care of. I will certainly recommend Spirit of the West to all I know who might be interested.”

Craig, JSU August 16-19, 2010
Guides: Steve, Ali, Gen P

“Well paced - no boring times, friendly environment, excellent tents - plus of course the wildlife! All the guides were great. They like to learn and they know the environment and wildlife.”

John, JSU August 16-19, 2010
Guides: Steve, Ali, Gen P

“It was wonderful and I wish I could come back soon. We always support environmental conscious companies and choose above all others.”

Rachel, JSU August 19-22, 2010
Guides: Ali M, Ally H and Jukka

“Amazing trip, everything was great. I would recommend Spirit of the West to anyone going sea kayaking in BC! Superb job.
-Tyler, Age 16, JSU August 19-22, 2010
Guides: Ali M, Ally H and Jukka

“Great, experienced guides, nice base camp in a beautiful location with a great view. Just a great experience. The food was amazingly good! Prepared with care. Also nice that you are free to choose what you do (either go kayaking or stay and basecamp).”

JSU August 19-22, 2010
Guides: Ali M, Ally H and Jukka

“Very positive experience. Met our expectations, liked the flexibility of the guides. Very competent and professional group. Each guide brought something special to our experience.”

Wool Family, JSU August 19-22, 2010
Guides: Ali M, Ally H and Jukka

“Amazing trip, everything was great. I would recommend Spirit of the West to anyone going sea kayaking in BC! Superb job.”

Tyler, Age 16, JSU August 19-22, 2010
Guides: Ali M, Ally H and Jukka

“Amazing trip, I would recommend to friends and family. The variety of paddling interspersed with hikes and lots of animal sightings. The guides were great and made sure everyone had a good time. The guides and kitchen staff did a great job at feeding us.”

Jennifer, JSU August 19-22, 2010
Guides: Ali M, Ally H and Jukka

“The trip was great. Good atmosphere and lots of whales.”
Andy, JSU August 22-25, 2010
Guides: Meredith, Gen P, and Jukka

“Fantastic overall. Wonderful food and accommodations top notch (hot tub!) Amazing guides, great pace. Essentially a perfect trip. Bascamp, food, guides are all amazing. Keep it up! Thank you for being awesome!”

Peter, JSU August 19-22, 2010
Guides: Ali M, Ally H and Jukka

“Absolutely incredible!! Everything was wonderful. Food and guides were great!”

Christina, JSU August 19-22, 2010
Guides: Ali M, Ally H and Jukka

“Guides were friendly, knowledgeable and generally fab.”

JSU August 22-25, 2010
Guides: Meredith, Gen P, and Jukka

“Guides were awesome and very knowledgeable.”

Kristen, JSU August 22-25, 2010
Guides: Meredith, Gen P, and Jukka

“Awesome! Most luxurious camping trip ever with fun and knowledgeable staff!”
- Ryan, August 22-25, 2010
Guides: Meredith, Gen P, and Jukka

“Exhilarating, relaxing and well guided.”

Molly and Gayle, JSU August 22-25, 2010
Guides: Meredith, Gen P, and Jukka

“Fantastic and knowledgeable guides; amazing camp experience; the food…ahhh yum. The hot tub and tent amenities were luxurious! Overall I feel very satisfied and unwilling to leave! Thank you to the great staff for a wonderful experience!”

JSU August 22-25, 2010
Guides: Meredith, Gen P, and Jukka

“Awesome! Most luxurious camping trip ever with fun and knowledgeable staff!”

Ryan, August 22-25, 2010
Guides: Meredith, Gen P, and Jukka

“Great spot. Robyn’s knowledge of whales, forest and environment was sensational. Good to see such passionate people in such roles. Wonderful experience.”

David M, JSU July 2010
Guides: Robyn and Amy

Absolutely fantastic!! It was a great vacation. Thanks to the place of course but also to the wonderful guide team. 1st class hotel treatment in the middle of nowhere !!
Michele Rivieri

“Great trip, great camp, never seen a beautiful hot tub in such a beautiful scenery.”

Andreas K JSU July, 2010
Guides: Robyn and Amy

"Had a great time and would deffinatly reccomend it to others. Dont think you could improve this trip, you have it spot on. The camp was fantastic and so peaceful and saw everything I wanted and more."

"Had a fab experience, one I'll never forget. Your staff were great and very friendly and fun to be with."

"It was a wonderful relaxing trip, everything was first class. Thank you so much for going to such extreems to handle my low sodium diet. I did great!!"

Cheryl Kirk

"Hello. I was on the 7-10 August Johnstone Strait trip and just wanted to thank Ron, Neil, and Terry, once again, for a terrific trip. Not only did I have a very good time, but I ate very well and appreciated the guides' knowledge. I think I must have lucked out with the best possible guides."

"I'm back in Maryland, now, where it is hot and humid, and not the least bit pretty, unlike your part of British Columbia. I wish I were still there!"

Thanks again.
Roy Birk

"Hello Christine and John,"

"I just wanted to say thanks to you and your staff for the outstanding experience we had with your company in Johnstone Strait. Our guides Ron, Rick and Breanne were absolutely terrific and worked hard to make sure we had a great time. Their knowledge of the environment and surrounding areas made for an educational and entertaining trip. The camping spot was ideal and the food was first rate. I cannot remember when I have had a more enjoyable vacation."

" Looking forward to joining you again in the future for another tour. Thanks again for the good time and fond memories."

Sincerely, Eric Cooper, Australia

"Just wanted to send a short note to say thanks for a great week up in Johnstone Strait. Everyone connected with Spirit of the West did a great job to ensuring my trip was the best it could be!!!"

"Rosie in taking care of arrangements for me. Christine and John for coordinating and meeting guest needs, everything ran without a hitch. You have a great crew of employees!"

"And our guides Bre, Miray, and Ron. They were great guides, full of fun, interesting facts, and they took great care of all the campers! Obviously well fed campers and are happy campers!!! OK seeing whales added to the trip."

"Having an opportunity to spend albeit a short period of time gives you a great appreciation of how beautiful it is on Vancouver Island. I really enjoyed the quiet night by the fire after everyone had retired to their tents just listening to the waves."

"Again thanks for a great trip."

"Have a great summer."


PS I will tell you returning to work on Monday was the last place I wanted to be!!!

"Hello! We just got back to the States after our four-day Johnstone Strait trip and wanted to let you know how wonderful our guides were. Ron was full of good info on the whales, the islands, and kayaking; great attitude and very helpful. Aaron is sooo sweet. And Jeff was absolutely fabulous (and I'm not just referring to his delicious cooking or his campfire activities that drew us all together as a community); my son Eric has Attention Deficit Disorder and Jeff was incredibly patient and supportive of Eric's needs as he learned to face his fear of water and to maneuver a kayak. Jeff spent a lot of caring time with Eric to make sure he would succeed; Eric's self-esteem was definitely boosted by the rapport he developed with Jeff. You are lucky to have such wonderful people on your staff; they were truly the highlight of the trip. Thanks again for making the celebration of my 50th birthday a family memory to treasure!"

Cris Jensen, Ca USA

"Hello dear John and Christine,"

"How are you doing now that you entered the more quiet winter season?
Gregory and I certainly LOVED our kayaking experience with you (please take this us our response to your evaluation form). We could not think what you could have done to improve this fabulous trip us unfortunately none of us are responsible for the rain!"

"Could you either send on the pictures we transferred to you via OFOTO to the others in our group or send us their e-mails? We think they bring back many good memories."

"If you ever come by Geneva, please look us up... much love also to Erin, Mireille & Gregory"

Thomas and Gerta, Switzerland

"Hi John and Christine,"

"just wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed our kayak trip with you guys!! Thanks to Jim, Bre and Rick, they were wonderful guides and fantastic cooks. The whole trip was perfect, even the mechanical whales did a great job looking quite real.... Just kidding. I hope Elaine sent you guys her photos via the email, she had a digital camera and got some great shots. What nice memories. Marilyn had to cut her email short yesterday and wanted me to tell you that our suggestion for your next "what to bring list" should include binoculars. Also, to bring mainly warm clothes and definitely NO munchies, you guys fed us non stop!!! I never even touched any of the snack food I brought. Good luck for the rest of the season. Say a warm hello to our three guides, they did an awesome job! Take care and maybe I will see you again sometime."

Monica at Caribou Travel, BC Canada

"If u don't remember me i phoned a few times until u let me on the
Johnstone Strait tour (29 Jul to 1 Aug)!
I would just like to say thanks for letting me on at such late notice. I
had a fantastic time. Was lucky with the weather and the Orcas!!
Thoroughly enjoyed the kayaking and the hike (developed a taste for
huckle berries!). The guides (Miray, Geoff and Ric) were brilliant,
always cheerful and amazing chefs!!"

"Again cheers for letting me come along, it was fun."

Best regards,

"Hello John & Christine,"

"I got back from your Johnstone Strait Tour from July 29th -01Aug./02 and I would just like to say it was great. My sisters and I are still talking about it and having developed our pictures it brings back allot of fun memories."

"We have a great picture of a whale passing about 5 metres from our kayak. It was amazing. I would also like to let you know that Rick, Miray and Geoff were great guides and wonderful cooks. They were very friendly and knowledgeable and patient."

"I will definitely recommend your company to my clients interested in kayaking. Already I know a few people that are interested and personally I would like to go back with my kids in a few years when they are older."

"Again thank you for a great trip."

Colette Hausammann
Holiday Travel, Manitoba Canada

Hi Christine and John
"Scott and I have recently arrived home from Canada, and just wanted to let you know what a fantastic time we had on your Johnstone Strait kayaking trip. The guides (Ron, Breanne and Geoff) were excellent and looked after us very well! The food was great, as promised, and we were very lucky to see lots of orcas, both while kayaking and at the campsite. We were on the trip that had to stay an extra day due to the windy weather (what a hardship!), and were picked up by John on the Songhee, which was a bit of a bonus to the trip. In all, an experience well worth travelling half way around the world for! Thanks again for a well organized and memorable trip."

Kate and Scott Smedley, Australia

"John, I wanted to let you know how much my husband and I enjoyed our trip --- it was all you promised in your beautiful brochures, excellent website and thoughtful emails!"

"The weather didn't completely cooperate as it rained 3 out of the 4 days, but everything else made up for that inconvenience. I don't think we could have found more personable and professional guides than Fred and Scott. Then there was that wonderful food that they spent so much time creating for us. We had a couple paddle trips that found us in very high winds. After my initial apprehension, I found that to be very exciting, challenging and rewarding. Allot of that was because I had confidence in our guides."

"The area is so beautiful and I thought base camp was well constructed. It was primitive, but totally functional. Having the tents on the wood base was nice. I have been tent camping in the rain and gotten rather muddy in the past."

"Thanks to you and all of your staff for a well-organized and memorable vacation."

Sincerely, Debbie Crawford , Springfield, Oregon

"John and Christine,"

"I'm happy to report that I've been successful in uploading some of my pictures from the Sept 1 thru Sept 4 trip to an online photo album."

"I know each of my fellow group members will join me in saying it was a GREAT group and a GREAT trip!! Don't be surprised if you see some of us back again
next year!"


"Dear John
I'm writing this message to express my appreciation for your well organized and very flexible tour. It was very special tour I treated myself as my 30th birthday. Usually I prefer to conduct self organized tour wherever the terrain is. I'm afraid I'm spoiled with this tour too much. Not sure I could kick the all the comfort I got
for my future adventure. How guilty you are! I saw a lot of wild animals in wilderness. What made me very happy was even wild life presence makes the scenery completely different. Like one sealion comes up to breath. It gives immense clue behind that scene to nourish this sea lion. That makes me feel very rich in my mind."

"Getting to know a lot of different kind people was very intriguing experience. Everybody has different background and interesting to hear their stories around the fire."

"I can't help to mention to Scott. He was excellent guide. He has immense sense of humor, good knowledge about environment of Johnstone Straight and native culture utilizing wildlife( I love the story of Bull Kelp used as sort of container for candle fish oil and water), skill of presentations. I wish you could give him extra bonus for his excellent job. I believe he deserves."

"John, I love the way you organize your tour. I can tell you love the area and would like to share the beauty and wonder with your clients. Hope you could keep this pasture for future tour too. Next time I'd like to come back with my girlfriend. I was very nice to hear your experience when you're on commercial fish boat. Also very impressed with your pluralism to see things on world affairs. I'm sure not many North Americans has that objective perspective like you. Great to get to know with you"

All the best / Takashi, Japan.

"The trip exceeded my expectations. The guides were very knowledgeable and entertaining, but to mention the delicious food and the wildlife sighting in. Would definitely recommend this trip to others."


"Thank you. We had an unforgettable experience that will stay with us for very long time."

Judy and Peter Watson

"OMG !! Saw everything, whales, humpback, bear, eagle, seals. The guides were amazing, knowledgeable, funny and friendly! The guests were great everyone got along. Felt like we were all old friends."

Pam Vandumeu

"Absolutely fantastic
It was a great vacation. Thanks to the place of course but also to the wonderful guide team. 1st class hotel treatment in the middle of nothing !!"

Michele Rivieri

"Great honeymoon"

Wendy Foster

"Robyn’s passion for the marine life is clearly evident and greatly contributed to the experience. A great job by all the guides, Thanks!"

Reb Thomas

"It exceeded all expectations, I will definitely come back with family and friends in 2010."

Kevin Smith

"So impressed with the guides depth of knowledge and how the trip is run so smoothly. Base camp is a wonderful place. Would be happy to wake up every morning there."

Helen Mc Donnoll

"It was awesome! The food was great and it was very well organized. I really can’t think of a thing to make it better. It definitely exceeded our expectations."

"Our guides did a fantastic job and really worked hard. They were very knowledgeable and friendly."

Carolyn and Brian Fitzgerald

"Loved every minutes of this trip. Meredith and Graham were extremely knowledgeable. Learning about the area’s culture, history and flora / fauna was great."
Julie Ann Watterson

"The trip was all around awesome.
This guides and organization was phenomenal."

Charles Berdemann

"Skye, gen + all were FANTASTIC guides. A credit to the company. They made us feel so welcome, had tones of ‘Nature interpretation”! And really felt like part of the group. The trip was incredibly well organized and hats off to the food prep guys too!"

James Slang and Edwald Kgarsley

"The experience exceeded all my expectations. This was one of the greatest experiences of my life and I’ve made new friends from all over the globe."

Dave Hughes

"The most amazing trip I have ever had!!"

Shona Simpson

"Awesome! I love you guys! Want to bring my daughter. Thank you so much for a trip I will never forget! Thank you all!"

Yvonne Piazza

"Over all the people make the difference and everybody was great from first e mail contact to the last pancake made by Rachel."


"A truly wonderful and inspiring trip. I slept under the stars last night to hear the orcas and was lucky enough to see an incredible asteroid shower. A once in a lifetime experience. ( Although I hope to repeat it!)"

(John) Brian Weir

Johnstone Strait Ultimate
2016 & 2017 Dates
$1269$885$625$970 Exchange rates will be calculated at time of booking based on current rates of exchange.
Type: 4 day kayaking and base camping in orca waters

Start: Quadra Island or Campbell River

Skill level: Easy
  • Kayak in the realm of the Killer Whales
  • Base camp overlooking Johnstone Strait
  • Whales swimming past your tent at night
  • Hot tub and shower with a view
Wildlife: Largest population of Killer Whales in North America, Dolphins, Porpoises, Black Bears, Eagles, Minke and Humpback whales.
Reservations Inquiries Breanne John Call Breanne or Rick if you have any questions, or would simply like to get to know us better.
Call 1 800 307 3982
Overseas 1 250 285 2121
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Sea Kayaker Magazine
"Best Tour Operator - Western Canada."

Sea Kayaker Magazine 1984-2014

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