great bear rainforest

Great Bear Rainforest

6 night tour $3650 CAD 2015 Dates

9 night tour $5450 CAD 2015 Dates

6 night tour $3750 CAD 2016 Dates

9 night tour $5550 CAD 2016 Dates

Looking for a trip in the Great Bear Rainforest, but prefer a more self-sufficient expedition-style trip? Have a look at our 8-day Great Bear Rainforest Outer Islands Expedition. Four departures in July and August, 2016.

Great Bear Rainforest Overview

Set in the heart of British Columbia's wild central coast, the Great Bear Rainforest and the Goose Islands offer some of the most stunning sea kayaking in the world.

great bear kayaking

Departing from the remote First Nations village of Bella Bella, we begin our week of exploring the most pristine wilderness on the BC coast.

Kayaking at its best: The diversity of landscapes, abundance of wildlife, and unlimited paddling routes makes the Great Bear Rainforest a truly superb sea kayakers' destination.

Steep-sided glacier-carved fjords cut through the Coast Mountains on their way to the open ocean. Where the rain and snow fed rivers flow into these inlets, numerous species of wildlife congregate to feast upon the spawning pacific salmon who have returned to their place of birth after their lives as ocean dwellers.

As we paddle in the river estuaries beside lush grassy meadows we often observe black bears fishing for salmon, eagles perched in the cedars, and if we are lucky, wolves loping along the beach.

We have all concluded that this was the best vacation we have ever been on." John Wagner, Linda, Chad, Mindy,
Laura, and Rich

mothership by waterfall

Towards the open Pacific the mountains give way to a maze of rocky islets dotted with exquisite white sandy beaches. Brightly coloured intertidal life clings to the surf-swept rocks while sea otters, seals and river otters play in the kelp beds and sea birds swoop overhead.

Taking advantage of our kayaks' silent travel and shallow draft we explore tiny coves and narrow passageways, while knowing that the warmth and security of the Columbia III are close at hand.

Mothership comfort: With it's vast distances, rugged terrain, and less predictable weather, the central coast is where the mothership concept truly shines. The options are varied depending on the weather and the desires of the guests. If the weather is fine a picnic lunch on a sandy beach or a grassy estuary is a lovely choice after a mornings paddle. Or, if the weather turns foul there is always the coziness aboard the Columbia III.

Each day builds on the last as a true understanding and appreciation for the significance of this untouched wilderness evolves.

"Having booked nearly a year in advance and coming for the second time my expectations were high, and yet exceeded by all that was seen and experienced. Thanks." Scott, Maryland, 2006, 2007, 2008 and rebooked for 2010



Set in the heart of British Columbia's wild central coast, the Great Bear Rainforest offers some of the most stunning sea kayaking in the world

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