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Spirit of the West is excited to be returning to east Greenland in July-August this year. Once again paddling in Scoresbysund, the largest fjord system in the world, we'll paddle among icebergs and wildlife in this pristine environment.

kayaker looking at iceberg

Designed to introduce guests to an arctic environment, this trip combines travel by kayak with ample time for hiking into the higher country back from the shore, offering a well-rounded perspective on this unique environment. This trip will be led by seasoned guide and Spirit of the West co-owner Rick Snowdon.

Remote and pristine, this region is ironically easier to access than the more populated West Greenland due to flight connections through Iceland (instead of requiring a flight all the way to Europe only to backtrack half a hemisphere).

After meeting in Reykjavik, Iceland, we'll fly to Constable Point in East Greenland where we begin the trip. At over 70 degrees north, the sun shines almost 24 hours a day, invigorating those of us from more temperate latitudes.

Through steep and rocky fiords we'll wind our way among channels and icebergs to find each night's campsite, occasionally coming across ancient Inuit encampments.

One of the highlights of this trip is the amount ice (icebergs and floe ice) we will see here due to the many glaciers that descend from the mountains to the sea. While not an impediment to travel, it gives a very different feel to the experience.

Wildlife will also make an appearance, with arctic fox, harp seal, musk ox and arctic hare are among the more likely visitors. Whales are also about including narwhal, minke whales and even fin whales. There is a small chance of encountering a polar bear, though we would count ourselves quite lucky if we did (they occasionally drift south with the pack ice; we will secure our camp every night regardless).



This is the proposed itinerary for our trip, but it is flexible and may be adapted to suit the interests of those who join the trip.

Day Prior: Arrive in Reykjavik, transfer to hotel for a welcome meeting and to discuss the upcoming trip. No-host dinner and overnight in Reykjavik.

Day One: In the morning we'll board Air Iceland for the 2-hour flight to Greenland. On arrival we'll sort our gear and ready ourselves for the trip. We’ll spend tonight in a small hotel in Ittoqqotoormiit.

Day Two: Load our gear and kayaks aboard a water taxi for the journey into the fiords. We’ll be dropped deep in Scoresbysund south of Milne Land.

Days 3-9: Winding our way among icebergs and islands, we'll get into the routine of taking down camp, loading boats and paddling for the day's adventure. Distances will be enough to feel like we accomplished something, but still leave time to ramble about in the evenings taking in the flora and fauna. We can also take a couple of days off of paddling to hike in the high country, gaining a different vantage point above the sea.

Paddling in fjord

Day 10: Today we pack up our gear for the return trip to Ittoqqortoormiit. This journey will be most of the day by water taxi, so we'll spend the night again at the hotel in town. There will be some time to wander around town and take in the unfamiliar sights and sounds of another country, possibly picking up a souvenir or two along the way.

Day 11: In the morning we'll return to Reykjavik. Here you may choose to spend some time exploring what Iceland has to offer, or if time is of the essence you can continue back to North America.

Please note: As with any trip in the far north, logistics are vulnerable to the weather, so our arrival or departure may be delayed. Please plan your onward travel from Iceland and post-trip obligations accordingly.

This is the proposed itinerary for our trip, but it is flexible and may be adapted to suit the interests of those who join the trip.

For further information or to speak with someone about this trip, please contact our office.

Greenland Expedition


Type: Remote expedition travel

Start: Reykjavik, Iceland

Skill level: Moderate-challenging

Wildlife: Opportunities to view arctic fox, harp seal, arctic hare, narwhals, humpback whales, fin whales, and/or musk ox
  • Return flight Reykjavik-Constable Point
  • Water taxi
  • Food
  • Kayaking equipment
  • Tent and guiding service

  • Not included:
  • International flights to Reykjavik, Iceland
  • Sleeping bag
  • Insurance of any kind
  • Personal items
  • Highlights:
  • Paddling among icebergs
  • Greenlandic culture
  • Wildlife
  • Remote arctic fiords
  • Hiking in open tundra
  • Small group travel
  • *Exchange rates will be calculated at time of booking based on current rates of exchange. (There is no tax for this international trip.)

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