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Why Choose Us?

There are many great ways to spend your well-deserved and hard-earned vacation time. Here we highlight what makes us special, and why you won’t be disappointed if you join a tour with Spirit of the West Adventures.

Our General Philosophy

We do what we love! We want you to fall in love with kayaking and our coast, and this passion shows in everything we do. We don’t cut corners, we always put forth a 110% effort and we are always trying to improve. Vacations should be safe, fun, educational and of course environmentally friendly!

We live year-round where we work and play, so we know our area inside and out. We love it here, and it shows in the way we run our trips.  

Sustainable, Environmentally Friendly and Green

We aim to be a leader in responsible and sustainable tourism and business practices. There are many ways that we minimize our impact, green our operations and contribute to the communities we live and work in. Learn more about our extensive Green Ethics.

We Love to Eat!

When someone really loves food, it shows. Spirit of the West is famous for going the extra mile when it comes to food. We include home baking, locally caught seafood including salmon and prawns, plentiful organic and when possible local fruits and veggies, fair trade and organic coffee and the list goes on. The only complaint we have ever had about our food was “there is just too much good food and not enough space in my belly!” Learn more about our Food Philosophy.

Our Team

Our guides are top-notch, our base crew incredibly talented and dedicated and we all work together to make your experience as superb as possible. Our kayak guides not only hold certifications from the Sea Kayak Guides Alliance of BC, wilderness first aid and a variety of other specialties, but they are full of fun, experience and knowledge. Learn more about our guides.

Keep the Crew Happy!

Happy guides and team members is good for everyone. We work with our staff to ensure that everyone stays happy and healthy. We are one of very few in the outdoor industry to offer health benefits, annual raises and to provide affordable staff housing. We also have a pretty awesome social network of picnicking, exploring together on days off and generally making sure we have time for fun.

Guide Training

We feel strongly that there is more to providing a kayaking tour than just paddling skills. Our guides all come to Spirit of the West with great and varied experience and we help to broaden their knowledge by providing an intensive guide training.  Each spring we hold a week-long training session that includes natural and cultural history interpretation training with a professional naturalist.

Company Owned and Run by Guides

We all have diverse backgrounds and experiences that we bring to Spirit of the West, but rest assured providing a great guided kayaking experience is something we know how to do. Rick and Breanne have been guiding for over 14 years and ensure that no matter how busy things get, they still get out on the water.

Our Trips Are Priced in Canadian Dollars

It's not about the money... except sometimes it's about the money. With today's exchange rates, visitors to Canada enjoy a significant advantage when converting their home currency to Canadian dollars. And for Canadians, by exploring your own country you avoid the high costs of travelling overseas. It's a win/win!

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"Best Tour Operator - Western Canada."

Sea Kayaker Magazine 1984-2014

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