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Safety first

Safety is paramount on a Spirit of the West adventure (it ranks up there with the quality of the food!). We believe that a safe adventure is a fun adventure.

Everyone who joins a trip with us is treated to a refresher lesson (or more if required) on paddling skills and safety procedures. We discuss our equipment, basic strokes and skills, and how to get out of (and back into) your kayak in the event of a capsize. Your guides will also show you a few key hand and whistle signals to communicate on the water, and emphasize the importance of staying together.

kayaking safety briefing

We provide all our guests with the gear needed to outfit a kayak including lifejacket, pump, skirt, rope and whistle (not to mention your boat and paddle!). Your guides are equipped with and trained and practiced in the use of a variety of safety equipment, ready at hand at any given point in the day. Spare clothing, first aid kits, flares, VHF radio, snacks, towing equipment, compass, charts, matches, knife and tools, whistle… the list goes on. Let us know if there are any specific concerns that you have.

Not only are we equipped, we know our environment. We know the areas we paddle, check the weather religiously, and will alert you to any specific hazards that may exist in a particular area before we run into them. Our guides have over 48 years of cumulative experience, in Canada and abroad, but this is our home, and we know it better than anyone else.

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